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    Apples Red Del 12/3 WA. XF Parsely Flat
    Apples Red Del 113 WA. XF Mini Green Peppers
    Apples Red Delicious 125 WA. XF Peppers, Green- Mini
    Apples Red Delicious 138 WA. XF Pepper, Mini-Sweet
    Apples Red 175 Peppers Green Medium Fla
    Apples Red Delicious 150 Ct. XF Peppers Red Ctn Calif. 20 LB/9.09kg
    Apples Red Delicious 216 WA. XF Pepper Sweet Orange 20 LB
    Apples Red Del 88 WA. XF Peppers Yellow Ctn 20 LB/9.09kg
    Apples Red Delicious 198 WA. XF Peppers Tri Color Pack 8/1lb/.45kg
    Apples Red del 72 Jalapenos Peppers
    Apples, Red Del 64 WAXF Peppers Cuban X Large
    Apples Gold 12/3 ct Potatoes Regular 50 Lb No. 1 Red Bag
    Apples Gold 113 Wash XF Potatoes Regular 10/5 Lb No. 1
    Apples Gold 88 Wash XF Potatoes Regular 5/10 LB No. 1
    Apples Gold 72 Wah XF Potatoes Fingerling
    Apples, Gold Del 64 Potatoes Fingerling Variety Mixed 50lbs
    Apples Granny Smith 113 XF Potatoes Purple/Peruvian 50#
    Apples Grannysmith 88ct Potatoes Baking 5/10 Lb Poly
    Apples Gala 12/3 WA. XF Potatoes Baking 10/5
    Apples Gala 175 WASH. XF New Crop Potatoes Baking 100's
    Apples Gala 198 WASH XF New Crop Potatoes Baking 90's
    Apples Gala 138 Potatoes Baking 80's
    Apples Gala 216 Ct. New Crop Potatoes Baking 60's
    Apples Gala XFC PF 88 Potatoes, Yukon Gold 50LBs
    Apples Gala 113 WA. XF Potatoes Red 'A' 10/5
    Apples Gala 125 Potatoes Red 'A' 5/10
    Apples Gala 72 East XF Potatoes Red 50 Lbs 'A' No.1
    Apples, Gala 64 WAXF Potatoes Red Creamer (AC's) 50 LB
    Apples Fuji 113 Potatoes, Purple Creamer 50lb
    Apples Fuji 72/80 ct wash XF Potatoes White Creamer 50 LB
    Apricot Radicchio 9/12 Ct
    Cantaloupes 15 Ct. Radish 30/6 Oz
    Cherries 11lb/8.18kgs Radish Melon 25 lbs
    Grapes, Rouge 21lbs Potatoes Yukon Gold 50 lbs
    Grapes, 10/2 Clamshell, Tricolor Romaine California 48Ct.
    Grapes Red Globe 21LB/8.18kg Romaine Hearts (12x3)
    Grapple 12/4 ct Romaine, Red
    Grapes Flame Seedless 18 LB/8.18kg Shallots 5 LB
    Grapes, Flame SL Clamshell 10/2 Snow Peas 10 LB
    Grapes White Seedless 18 LB/8.18kg Spinach Cello 12/10 Oz
    Grapes, Green SL Clamshell 10/2 Spinach Baby
    Grapes Black Seedless 18lb/8.18kg Squash Yellow
    Grapes, Black SL Clamshell 10/2 Squash, Baby Patty Pan
    Honeydews 8 Ct. Calif Squash, Spaghetti
    Kiwi V/Fill 117 CT. Smoke Herring 18lbs
    Nectarines 60 CT. Tomatoes 7x7
    Clementine Tomatoes Original 6x6 25 LB
    Peaches 60 Series/7kg Tomatoes Roma 25lbs
    Peaches, White V/F Tomatoes Original 5x6 25 LB/11.36kg
    Pears Wash Anjou 120 Tomatoes Yellow /25lbs
    Pear D'Anjou 110ct Tomato Grape
    Pear D'anjou 135 Tomatoes, Yellow Grape 8/1 pt
    Pear, D Anjou Red 120ct Tomato, Heirloom Flat 10lbs
    Pears, D'Anjou Red 110ct Tomatoes, Mixed Medley Clamshell
    Pears Wash Bosc 120 Tomatoes Cherry 12/1 Pt
    Pears, Bartlett 110ct Turnips White 25 Lb
    Pear Bosc 110ct Turnip Cut Organic
    Pears Asian Zucchini Fancy 8kg
    Persimmons Arugala
    Plums Red 80 Ct. Calif. Arrugula,micro 8 oz
    Plums Black 80 CT. Calif./9kg Arrugula, Baby 3lbs
    Pomegranates Basil 1 lb
    Strawberries Calif. Dole 8/1 pints Basil, Micro Basil Italian 8 oz
    Blackberries Calif. Clamshell Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters
    Blueberries Calif. Clamshell Frozen Chicken Breast
    Raspberries Calif. Clamshell Whole Fryers 3-3.5lb
    Alfalfa Cups 12/6 Oz Cilantro
    Artichokes 18/24 Ct. Chervil 1 DZ
    Asparagus Green Std 11 Lb Dole Chervil 1 Lb
    Beets Red 25lbs/11.36kg Chives 1 Dz
    Beets Yellow Chives 1 Lb
    Beets Red 50lbs/22.73kg Dill 1 LB
    Baby Beets W.top Marjoram 1 Dz
    Beets, Candy Stripe Marjoram 1 LB
    Beets, Bag GOLD Micro-Greens Rainbow Mix
    Belgium Endives 11 LB Mint 1 LB
    Bok Choy T.A. 30lb Organo 1 LB
    Bok Choy, Organic 30# Rosemary 1 LB
    Bok Choy, Baby Organic 20# Sage 1 LB
    Broccolini 18ct. Sorrel 1 Dz
    Broccoli Calif Iced 14's Dole/8.18kg Sorrel 1 LB
    Broccoli Calif Iceed 18's Dole Tarragon 1 lb
    Broccoli Crowns Dole Thyme 10 LB
    Broccoli Rappin Anise 24 Ct.
    Brussels Sprouts Loose Fennel 36 ct
    Cabbage Green 14/16 CT/22.73kg Salt Fish 50lb
    Cabbage Savoy Bean Sprouts 12/10 Oz
    Cabbage Napa Beans Haricot Verts 5lb
    Cabbage Red 40lb/ 18.18kg Dates Medjool California 15 Lb
    Red Cabbage (Bag) Fresh Figs
    Cabbage Chinese FL Frisee California
    Cabbage green Bags 50lbs Lettuce Baby Tango
    Carrots Cello 48/1 LB Special Lettuce Lollo Rosso
    Carrots,50L 48/1 HP Lettuce Mesculun
    Carrots Jumbo 50 LB Loose TX. Lettuce Spring Mix Kit
    Mushrooms Cremini12/10-5 LB
    Carrots Mini Peeled 30/1 LB Mushroom, Organic Cremini
    Carrots Baby Peeled Organic Mushrooms Oysters 5 LB
    Mini Carrots W/Top Mushrooms Portabella 2.27 kg
    Cauliflower Calif 16 CT./11.36kg Mushroom Chantrel Fresh
    Cauliflower 12/16 ct Organic Mushrooms Shitaki Bulk
    Cauliflower orange Mushroom Baby Bella 12/8 oz
    Cauliflower Purple Mushroom, Organic Baby Bella 12/8 oz
    Cauliflower Tri Color 6ct Mushrooms Variety Pack 12/6 Oz
    Celery Sleeved 30 CT. Mushrooms, Hedgehog Mushroom
    Garlic, Peeled 4x5 Mushroom, Royal Trumpet
    Ginger Fresh 30 LB Imported Mushroom Mousseron
    Green Beans Hand Picked Mushroom, Mitaki 3 lb
    Jicama Root Mushroom, Morel Fresh 3lb
    Lettuce Green Kale Mushroom Enoki 12/3.5 oz
    Kale, Green Organic Mushroom, Black Trumpet 3lb
    Kale Purple Mushroom, Yellowfoot 3lb
    Kale, Flowering California Mushroom, Bluefoot 3lb
    Leeks 1 Dozen Calif Parsnip Cello 12/1 lbs
    Lettuce Baby Mix Parsnip 25 lbs
    Lettuce Artisian Tofui 12/1 Pack Regular
    Lettuce Iceberg Calif. Cello 30 Ct. Eggs Medium Carton 30 Dz
    Lettuce Jumbo Cello Iceberg 24s Eggs Large Loose 30 Dz
    Lettuce Green Leaf Dole Eggs X Large Ctns 30 Dz
    Lettuce Green Oak Heavy Cream 32 Oz.
    Lolla Rosa Silk Soymilk
    Lettuce Red Leaf 24 Ct Calif. Dole Margine 6/3 Lbs
    Lettuce Frissee Margine 12/3 LBs
    Mushrooms Fancy 3 LB Milk 1/2 Gallon
    Mushrooms Cello 12/8 Oz/6lbs Milk 2% 1/2 Gallon
    Mushrooms, cello 8/16 oz Milk Whole Gallon
    Mushrooms Regular 10 LB Milk Skim 1/2 Gallon
    Mushrooms Button 10 LB Organic Baby Lettuce
    Mushrooms Stuffer 10 LB Dippin Stix, Apples & Caramel 6/6ct
    Onions Medium 50 Lb Dippin Stix, Apples & Caramel 1/6ct
    Onions Jumbo 50 LB/22.73kg Dippin Stix , Apples & Caramel, peanuts 6/6ct
    Onions Super Colossal 50 LB/22.73kg Dippin Stix, apples & Caramel, Peanuts 1/6ct
    Onions Red 25 LB/ 11.36 kg Medium Dippin Stix, Apples & Yogurt 6/6 ct
    Onions Red 25Lb/ 11.36 kg Jumbo Dippin Stix, Apples & Yogurt 1/6ct
    Onions 16/3 Bags/22.73kg Dippin Stix, Apples 7 Peanut Butter 6/6 ct
    Onions White AM/LPG Dippin Stix, Apples & Peanut Butter 1/6ct
    Onions Jumbo White Dippin Stix, red Apples & Caramel 6/6 ct
    Onions Pearl 12 Pints Gold Dippin Stix, Red Apples & Caramel 1/6ct
    Onions Pearl 12 Pints white Dippin Stix, Apples & Peanut Butter with Choc 36ct
    Onions Pearl 12 Pints Red Dippin Stix, Apples & Peanut Butter, CC 1/6ct
    Onions chipoline 5/10 lbs Dippin Stix, Carrots & Ranch 6/6ct
    Parsely Curly Dippin Stix, Carrots & Ranch 1/6ct
    Parsley, Curly Organic 30ct Dippin Stix, Carrots & Hummus 36ct
    Dippin Stix, Carrots and Hummus 1/6ct Salad Mix, Cole Slaw/ Red Cabbage
    Dippin Stix, celery & Peanut Butter 36ct Salad Mix, Mix Box 4/5 bags
    Dippin Stix, Celery and Peanut Butter 1/6ct Salad Mix, salad separate 4/5 usa
    Dippin Stix, Ants on a Log 36 ct Salad Mix, iceberg shredded lettuce
    Dippin Stix, Ants on a Log 1/6ct Traffic Lights Apples 35x3's
    Salad Mix, Romaine 3/8' shredded Traffic Lights Peppers 20x3's
    Salad Mix, Romaine Chopped 6/2

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