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Produce Handling & Food Storage KEY RECEIVING TIPS:

• Check the quality of the produce when it is delivered.
• Move the produce to the correct storage area as quickly as possible.
• Use FIFO (first in, first out) and rotate produce.

Some fruits and vegetables produce odor while some will absorb odor. You should always store these separately.

Odor produced by: Will be absorbed by:
Apples Cabbage, carrots, celery, meat, eggs, dairy products
Carrots Celery
Onions (dry) Apples, celery, pears
Onions (green) Grapes, mushrooms
Pears Cabbage, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes
Potatoes Apples, pears
Green peppers Pineapples
Citrus Meat, eggs, dairy products


Produce Storage Storage Temperature Recommendation
Apples 32°F Store away from greens.
Bananas 56-62°F Never refrigerate.
Broccoli 32°F Will last 10 – 14 days. Sprinkle with water or with crushed ice to avoid dehydration.
Cabbage 32-35°F Wash and store in plastic bags.
Carrots 32-35°F Wash and store in plastic bags.
32-35°F Store only briefly, 5 days maximum.
32-40°F Allow 2-3 days at room temperature before serving.
Celery 32-35°F Wash, trim and store in plastic bags.
Cucumbers 45-50°F Store only briefly.
Grapes 32-35°F Highly perishable. Store only briefly.
Lemons 50°F
Lettuce Avoid storing by or under the blower or by ethylene-producing fruits.
32°F Keep dry, have a very short shelf life.
Onions 45-55°F Store out of the refrigerator.
Oranges 32-35°F
Potatoes 50-60° Store out of the refrigerator, away from light.
Tomatoes 60-65°F Never refrigerate.

Some fruits and vegetables produce ethylene gas. Ethylene gas can cause premature ripening of
some items and will ruin others. It is best to store ethylene-producing produce away from ethylene
sensitive produce.

Apple Quince Avocado, unripe Atemoya
Apricot Raspberry Cactus pear, tuna Banana
Avocado, ripe Strawberry Carambola Breadfruit
Blackberry Chayote Cherimoya
Blueberry Cranberry Coconut
Cherry Feijoa Grapefruit*
Currant Guava Lemon*
Cut fruits Kumquat Lime*
Date Longan Mango
Fig Lychee Mangosteen
Gooseberry Mandarin Papaya
Grape Olive Plantain
Kiwifruit* Orange Pummelo
Nectarine Passion fruit Rambutan
Peach Pepino Sapote
Pear; Asian Pineapple
Persimmon Pomegranate
Plum Tangelo
Prune Tangerine


Vegetables And Melons
32-36°F, 0-2°C 45-50°F, 7-10°C 60-65°F, 16-18°C
Anise Collard* Parsnip Basil Casaba Melon
Artichoke Daikon* Radicchio Beans; Snap, Etc. Cassava
Arugula* Endive* Radish Cucumber* Onion
Asparagus* Escarole* Rutabaga Eggplant* Ginger
Bean sprouts Garlic Rhubarb Melon Honeydew Melon
Beet Green onion* Shallot Okra* Jicama
Belgian endive* Herbs(not basil) Spinach* Pepper; Bell, Potato
Bok choy Horseradish Snow pea* Chili Pumpkin
Broccoli* Jerusalem Sweet Corn Squash Sweet Potato*
Broccoflower* Artichoke Sweet Pea* Watermelon* Tomato
Brussel sprouts* Kale Swiss chard *Yam
Cabbage* Kohlrabi Turnip
Cantaloupe Leek* Turnip Greens*
Carrot* Lettuce* Water Chestnut
Cauliflower* Mint Watercress*
Celery* Mushroom
Chard* Mustard greens*
Chicory* Parsley*

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